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parlecoeur presents Pascal N. Paquette, a rich and colorful communicator with a thousand revealing metaphors, specialist of change, health and communications. Pascal offers individual consultations and group sessions through coaching, conferences and workshops on several topics, both in business and for the general public.

Insurance receipts available for Naturopathic consultations ( A.N.N and O.C.P.N.N. )
Parlecoeur for alternative medicine, naturopathic medicine and naturopathy.
Energetic Healing
An Energetic Healing session is a moment of deep relaxation that allows the natural self-healing mechanism of the body to occur by stimulating and rejuvenating the whole body and subtle energies, as they are rebalanced, harmonized and refreshed.
coaching de l'âme
Soul Coaching
Coaching the Soul consists of individual sessions where you will be guided and stimulated in addressing elements of life that call for a change, so that you are more and more in a consistent correlation and a true reflection of your Soul’s purpose and frequency, so that you realize your life’s purpose.
Energetic Cellular Reprogramming
The Energetic Cellular Reprogramming can complement cell transformation (DNA) for those who want to dissolve inadequate memories embedded in their cells and that condition their inner state, attitudes and behaviors.
Mediation Service
Soul to Soul Mediation is intended for those who seek harmony and a constructive communication space with others. When present situations intermingle with the wounds of the past and that there are mutual misunderstandings, it is difficult to communicate on the soul level, heart to heart, and especially to deeply understand each other.
Private Meditation Lessons
In addition to group meditation classes, I offer you the possibility of private coaching lessons, adapted specifically to your level and pace on learning to meditate. You will get the full meditative practice course and you will also benefit from a personalized, individualized adapted teaching in your meditation practice.